This new game is OUT OF THIS WORLD 🌎! Get it? YOU FO. Out of this world. Ok bad jokes aside, this brand new game is actually from out of this country. @youfosports hails from the Netherlands and is taking over in popularity. I was lucky enough to test out this fun yet challenging game and couldn’t be more proud to be an ambassador.

  It is definitely a mix between lacrosse and frisbee, but don’t be fooled it is very unique. One side of the head of the stick is shaped to utilize your leverage to quickly scoop up the open centered flying object when it’s on the ground. The other end is like a rhinoceros horn used to catch the disc on. The toss is a little different than lacrosse. You still use the same hand action but at the end you will want to twist your top hand and pull your bottom across your body to send the disc on a flatter trajectory toward your partner. The disc definitely leaves you in a mesmerizing gaze as it sores through the air.

  The game can be played like ultimate frisbee or as a back and forth passing game. You can get creative with game play but honestly the excitement of catching the disc was good enough for me.

   @youfosports is a big hit in PE classes in Europe and I can definitely see it catching on here. It was one of the more popular games being played at the PE conference that I presented at in November.

   Overall, I give it a solid 8/10. Challenging, portable, inclusive. Let’s help @youfosports grow their market in the states! That last video is a straight up 👽

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