Wiketz Game Review

Simplicity at its finest! There’s nothing better than a game with only a couple rules. Grab the ball, toss the ball, knock down the pins! Bingo, Bango, bongo! Well there’s a few more rules but yeah this game is easy to learn and a ton of fun to play. When tossing the ball, it must bounce off the ground once before hitting the wiketz. You get two tosses. If you hit all of them down on the first throw you get 5 points otherwise each wicket is worth a point. Game is to 21, go crazy!

A word to the wise, don’t play barefoot or you can catch a 2 lb. ball right off the toes. Trust me, I found this out the hard way. Set up is super easy; the metal base sticks right in the ground and the wiketz all have magnetic bottoms so no need to balance them. As you can see in the first video, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching these pins fall. Another low key cool aspect is the fact that their logo is burned right into the tops of the wiketz. I thought this was a badass touch. It’s no wonder this game is perfect, the creators are from the great state of Illinois (me too). 

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