We Play Change Game Review

Certifiably one of best table-top yard games for any night (or day) out (or in)! And you cannot “change” my mind about it. Honesty, since getting We Play Change, I haven’t gone to a brewery without it. You’re guaranteed to be the most popular person around and if it wasn’t for Covid you’d have everyone coming up to your table asking to play. Maybe it’s the clank of the coin, or the mesmerizing spin in the air, there’s just something magical about bouncing a quarter into a target that gets my juices flowing.

Since high school I’ve been playing the same ol’ bounce a quarter into the shot glass game. @weplaychange takes Quarters to the next level. With over twelve creative and fun set ups you’ll never get tired of bouncing your coins. The wooden pieces are designed to slide together securely, so you can fit them into place and play your desired game. You can even get creative and build a setup for your own game. Scroll through my pics to see some of the different games.

My personal favorite is the “Tower of Power” game. Players shoot rapid fire into the holes and first to 11 wins. Sounds easy enough at least one shot just go through the side hole, which makes it much more difficult.

The ingenuity of the game is top notch. And the people over at @weplaychange definitely didn’t skip out on the R&D. The launch pads were thoroughly tested for the best material to give a sufficient bounce.

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