Waterline Games Skimbe Review

Move over Marco Polo, step aside toypedo, I got a brand new pool game for you! Skimbe is a foam frisbee for the pool and it’s guaranteed to entertain for hours. Trust me, your hands will be pruny way before you’re ready to stop tossing this disc around.

   As the name suggests, the Skimbe is a frisbee that is used by skimming across the surface of water. It can be challenging for first timers, but if I can teach my girlfriends mother to do it, anyone can learn how. Simply hold it like a frisbee, give it a slight angle toward the water, then cock it back and release. The Skimbe will glide gracefully across the water right to your target. Typically I’m skeptical about these pool toys. That toypedo thing never went straight and it always began sinking like four feet after it was tossed underwater. I was shocked how well the Skimbe traveled. If you’re good you can get it to go over 50 feet easily. It even worked well in the low tide of the ocean. The only time it won’t work well is when throwing into the wind or if there are a ton of waves.

   The Skimbe comes with two discs and an inflatable stake. Although the discs are fun on their own. You can play a bocce ball-esc game called Skim to the Pin. Basically you toss the Skimbe, and the closest person to the pin wins. I actually used the pool latter as a goal and tried shooting my Skimbe in between the pipes. This was a ton of fun. I promise you will be the most popular person on the beach. I had at least 5 people ask me what it was.

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