Washers Game Review

Classic. Simple. Extremely fun! I’m sure we have all seen or at least heard of the tailgate classic, Washers! Well here’s the dirty details.

I will start with the nostalgia factor. I hadn’t played this game since I was in college, but immediately after hearing that all too familiar sound of metal washers clanking against a wood board, I was back! Making a shot is hard enough but that sound coupled with a winning toss is money in the bank! 

My set is made of maple and the bottom is  covered in a nice pool table-esc felt. This serves two functions: it protects the wood and it softens the bounce. Part of the fun of the game is the fact that the washers bounce out from time to time. This will definitely still happen so make sure you get that throw perfected.

Personally I go with a saucer throw. It keeps the washers flat, thus creating more surface area and transfer of energy when it hits. This will help keep the washer in the board better! By the way, I made that sciency part up, but it sounded good didn’t it?

All in all, washers is a great game and will forever remain a classic. This review is too long so I will just say, this game is perfect for any occasion. It’s fun, super portable, easy set up, and easy to play!

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