Waddies Game Review

🚨@waddiescanada Game Review🚨

    Canada a country known for their nice people, hockey, bacon, and NOWW yard games. @waddiescanada is a new hot tailgate game that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! I’ve been talking to them for a while and man was it worth the wait.

   The Look: very sleek and clean. The wood has a nice finish and the red top looks sharp with all the attractive circles. I love how they did their branding too. The name is very bold and readable. Perfect for fellow tailgaters to see when walking by all the action.

   The Play: the way you toss the Waddie is very similar to playing washers. But the new and improved projectile fits comfortably in the hand. Inspired by a caster cup, the Waddies take fun and crazy bounces. They spin, jump, swirl and slap right on the board. You really gotta get that perfect toss or you’re in for a nice surprise. We even saw them land in the hole and bounce right out.

   The Scoring: (straight from their website) You get three points for sinking a waddie in the hole. If your opponent sinks one on top of yours it cancels it out.

You get one point for every Waddie that's on the board and closer than any of your opponents Waddies. Think curling.

  The Pros: the game is super fun and gameplay is simple. The game is small and portable. There is a lot of action and scoring. The unpredictability of the Waddies is super exciting.

   The Cons: they made the red top removable so that you can easily get Waddies that made it in the hole. This however makes it a challenge when carrying the games because the tops falls off.

   Final score: 8.8/10! Perfect amount of challenge and skill required leads to a super fun game.

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