Turtle Ball Game Review

Ever wanted to make a different in the world and play a yard game at the same time? Then Turtle Ball is the game for you! Not only is the game made from ocean-friendly, real life coconut shells, but a portion of all sales goes towards saving sea turtles! Set up and game play is similar to beer pong. All you have to do is take a shell, dig out six holes on each side of the playing area, set the shells in the holes, then start tossin! The game is a lot of fun and easy to transport too. As mentioned previously, the game utilizes coconut shells as its targets. Each shell is sanded, buffed, etched, and hand crafted, so no two sets are exactly alike. In addition to it being a super fun game, @playturtleball has the swaggiest merch! From hats, to water bottles, bracelets, and shirts, you are sure to be the most stylin’ on the beach.

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