Top Block Game Review

   Big things come in small packages. And that is certainly true with Top Block. The tiniest lil carrying case packs a ton of fun.

   So here’s the deal. Stack your blocks. The number 2 block on bottom, 3, 4, and then “Top Block” on top. You then toss the bean bags at the tower trying to knock them down. When you topple the blocks, you earn the value on the top most remaining block in the tower.  Besides the initial throw, you get two tosses to accumulate the most points. But wait, there’s more. There’s like six other ways to score. I’ll let you buy the game to find out, but they are super creative and keep the game going. Games are played to 15 but you must land exactly on the 15 to win the game. Otherwise it’s back to 11.

   This game is super addictive and takes way more skill than I thought. You obviously want to keep going for the top block so you get the 4 points but as mentioned before you can score in other ways. The game winner occurs when you knock out both or one of the middle blocks and the top block lands face up on top of another block.

  There is also a Cutthroat Mode. In this mode you play to exactly 9. You can use each throw to add to your own score, or subtract from the opponents score. You just have to say you’re subtracting before the throw.

   Top Block is super portable and the perfect addition to any occasion. It is also super durable. Literally those blocks won’t get damaged unless they are run over by a truck.

   Huge fan of top block! A must add to any game collection.

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