Tidalball Game Review

As it says right on the package, Tidalball is “The Beach Game.” Tidal ball is the tropical form of Cornhole and by far one of the most fun games. When it comes to transport and set up, this game is living in the year 3020. The game comes equipped with the shovel and all you have to do is dig a couple holes and two small smiley face-esc trenches and you got yourself a court. Then start tossin! Just as life is on the beach, this game is chillllllll. Games can be played up to whatever and feel free to make the court as long or short as you want. Although, ten paces is recommended. Hitting the small hole in front is harder than it looks. As you can see from trench cam, if you throw it too hard, the balls roll right over the top. Tidal ball even comes with a pair of Koozies to keep your beverage fresh throughout the entire game. Not to mention you can just clip the game on your favorite mode of transportation like a kayak and go. Pro tips: 1)Beware of the seagulls, they definitely tried to run away with a few of our balls. 2)This is probably obvious, but as shown in picture three, build the court further away from the water or your trenches will fill up. Still fun either way!

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