Tic-Bag-Toe Game Review

   Tic Tac Toe, three in a row, X’s and O’s, and a cornhole throw! Wow, I can really drop some bars! Anyways today’s new and super fun game is @ticbagtoe!
   As the name suggests, it’s a combo of cornhole and Tic tac toe. But I can assure you it’s 1000x more fun than the paper game you used to play on the school bus!
   What’s great about this game is the fact the target is always moving. Just like in regular Tic tac toe, you need to strategize where you’re going to place your mark. But now you have to be able to execute with an accurate bean bag toss too. If you know me, this is a major plus in my book. I love games that are multifaceted.
   The craftsmanship is great too. The discs perfectly lock into place so that they don’t bounce out (please excuse my laziness in the video, I didn’t turn the pieces).
   As far as size and weight, the game is exactly what you would expect. Not too heavy and not too light. I wouldn’t carry it over four blocks but anything short of that you’re golden. As in, your arm won’t feel like it’s gonna fall off.
The only negative comes about if you’re playing with just two players. Playing this way requires you to either remember which hole the bag went through or to walk over each time between throws to place the disc. This obviously isn’t a huge problem though.
Overall this is going to be a solid game for any setting!


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