Rollors Game Review

Let the good times roll with this game! Rollors aka lawn bowling is a super easy and fun game to play. Its pretty much bocce ball with wooden disks. The game comes with six disks and two goals. Each goal is set up 25 feet apart. Teams take turns rolling the disks toward the goal. Whoever is closest to the goal is awarded the points. There is an element of luck in this game though. Each side of the disk has a different number of points painted on it’s surface. For the most part, the side that’s facing up when the disk lands indicates how many points you get. I’m not crazy about having an aspect of luck in games because I can’t show off my athletic prowess to the fullest but this definitely keeps things more interesting. When I said this game is easy, I meant it’s easy to understand. Mastering the roll is harder than it looks. I found my self having to aim pretty far right so that it would curve back into the goal. Choose your surface wisely. I tried playing it on compact sand and those babies rolled for days. Playing it in grass is highly recommend. Overall, this is a super fun game and literally anyone could play!

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