Ringo Game Review

What do brands like Ferrari, Rolex, and Apple all have in common? Quality. They are in a league of their own. They use premium materials and are crafted to perfection. Ringo is certainly in this realm in the world of yard games.

   Ringo sets are hand crafted and detailed with precision. The wood is so sleek and smooth. And the well thought out design allows the game to fold up on the wall as to not take up too much space. Ringo also has a gorgeous score board right on the board. I cannot stress how high the quality is in the construction of this game.

   Ringo is a fairly simple game. You take the ring and try and swing it on to the hook. I recently did a review on a table top version but the wall version is a little harder. Since the distance is greater your swing has to be a lot more dialed in. Ringo is certainly addicting. Believe me you’ll find yourself saying, “I’m not leaving until i get one more.”

   With the premium quality comes a bit of a higher price tag. But you get what you pay for. Ringo will not break and it looks and functions way better than any other wall version that I’ve seen. Most wall versions are difficult to set up, because you have to attach the string to the ceiling and measure all types of angles. With Ringo all you have to do is measure a height of 5ft and then nail or 3M tape it to the wall.

   Ringo is the perfect game for a home bar, a brewery, a bar/restaurant, or backyard patio. It’s an almost mindless game that keeps the good times rollin!

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