Ring Toss Review

🚨@spearathletics Ring Toss Review🚨

  Here’s the thing. I’m all about the fling. Especially when it involves a ring. I’m talking ring toss people! And what better version to do it with than @spearathletics.

  I used to think this game was only for children or our geriatric friends, but I was wrong. I honestly had a great time playing.   I will say this location certainly helped the level of fun though. Look at that view!

The main advantages of this game is its portability and ease of assembly. It comes in a small but quality zip up bag that can literally be carried anywhere. I’m tempted to bring it on my next flight and play in the aisles. The 6 wooden pieces screw together easily and you’re ready for action instantly. It is perfect for playing indoor, outdoor, beach, camping, and pretty much anywhere you could imagine. Not to mention the rules are obviously super simple and it’s fun for all ages!

  I also love the difficulty of the game. Since the ring is made of rope, it makes it more challenging to throw. I suggest holding on to the wooden fastener and throwing it frisbee style but to each their own.

As far as excitement, you’re going to get what you put into it. Grab a brew and you will be A-ok in my book!

All though the game isn’t much to look at, it can be fun in the right setting. Don’t count the classic game of ring toss out just yet.

  In the words of Kevin Gates, “Countin money while they ring, ring, ringin

Trap jumpin I'm ring, ring, ringin”

Fun fact: ring toss can be commonly known as quiots and dates back to 1836 England. More fun facts like this are detailed in my book!

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