Redneck Horseshoes Game Review

   Cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and Red Neck Horseshoes to play on site!  Hey y’all I think I just found the perfect game to play while listening to some country tunes and drinking a brew. Redneck Horseshoes is a new yard game that will surely captivate anyone lookin for a good time.

   Born in the great city of Charleston, SC this southern gem is a fun new toss game with a twist. Surely inspired in the wee hours of the night, RNHS involves throwing rubber weighted bottles into a slanted bucket. Easy games are the best!

   Game Play: Toss the bottles into the bucket for 3 points. Closest to the bucket gets an extra point. Leaners are worth 2 points. See, just like horseshoes.

   The Toss: I love the finesse involved with this throw. You definitely want to give the bottle a perfectly timed flip to get the ideal trajectory. It’s oh so satisfying sending the bottle through the air.

   Pros: The game is super easy to learn/teach. Very portable.  Can be played with 2-4 players. Obviously fun!

   Cons: Not a huge con, but you need to weigh down the bucket so that they don’t flip or turn. The game does come with two bags that you can fill with sand though.

   Overall, this is one fun game. I definitely will be playing on the beach when it gets warmer out, but until then I’ll be playing in whatever Redneck setting I want.

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