QuartersBack Game Review

   I don’t want nickels, I don’t want dimes, all I want is @quartersback! Ok that intro was only so so, but this pseudo yard game tabletop game is 🔥.

   The object of the game is to obviously toss a quarter into the holes. I’ve now played this game about 500 times and its one of the most addictive games I’ve tried. It probably has to do with the fact that I want to get the auto win so badly. Thats nearly impossible though. And even though the other holes are larger, it’s harder than it looks to make a shot. Granted I was playing on a giant conference table, but throwing a quarter is odd and it definitely makes it tough.

   The best part of the game is the 5 point play. Sometimes the coin will bounce off the board, land on the table, and start spinning. If you have a light touch and can catch the coin on its end with one finger, you get the points. I’d say I was only able to do this 1/10 times. It is so rewarding when you can land this bonus!

   Quartersback is very easy to travel with and definitely easy to learn and play. This will certainly be a huge hit at tailgates this Fall. The game can be fast paced or slow depending on how you play. The only negative would be the difficulty to find quarters once they hit the ground. My suggestion is to just have a few extras nearby and find the lost ones later. Problem solved, happy throwing!

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