QB54 Game Review

I wish I was posting this after a Bears victory but if I waited for that, I could be waiting a very long time. That being said, on to the review!

Every yard game enthusiast dreams of one day creating a game of their own. Thinking back to my childhood, I invented about a million games to play, but none obviously good enough to take to market. The guys of QB54 realized this American dream and did just that with their amazing game!  The original idea was developed when the creators Frank and Michael were just kids with two trash cans and a ball in New Jersey. QB54 has since evolved and today it is an all-star game! It combines quite possibly two of the best games, with elements of cornhole and football. To be brief, game play involves tossing a mini football into a hole in a chair to score points. If you make it in, you get a chance to kick through the uprights for an extra point. Normally more rules means less fun, but there’s a few more variations to this game that make it even more fun (look up the interception rule). I hope you didn’t gloss over the fact that I said toss a ball into a chair, because yep this yard game serves two functions, chair and game. You can quickly disassemble the product and sit down when you’re done. This easily makes it a top game for tailgating! I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a great time.

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