Putterball Review

   Believe it or not I haven’t reviewed this ace of a yard game! Putterball is definitely in the upper echelon of games. I mean how could it not? It combines two of the best games: golf and beer pong! It’s perfect for a party setting, backyard bbq, or for just practicing on the green.

   Putterball is a super portable, fold up green with six holes in a pyramid shape on each side. The green is 2x12 ft so perfect for mastering those need to make shots that will reduce your score. It comes with two mini golf sized putters and two balls. There are 12 circular plugs for the holes. So when you make a shot you plug the hole. The plug fits in flushly, so if your ball were to roll over the top it would be unaffected.

   You will honestly have hours of fun playing this game. I love playing it outside but as you can see it’s perfect for the indoors too. Either way, the game folds up like an accordion and comes in a box with a sturdy handle for ease of transport.

   I will note that if you are above 5’11” I would recommend using your own putter. Mini golf putters are kind of short, but if you out from the ground and don’t stand on the green you should be A-Ok.

   Since the game folds up, when you lay it out to play, there will be some creases in the game that cause some major bumps for the ball. Over the course of 15mins it will start to lay flat. But since you’re essentially playing beer pong, who cares, shut up and drink.

   Overall, I give this a strong 8.5/10. Chicks may dig the long ball, but the game is won on the green.


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