Puckleboard Game Review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s a puck!

The name of the game is Puckleboard and it involves flinging a mini sized puck through the air with the goal of landing on a board to score points. It’s a cross between shuffleboard and cornhole and you guessed it, it’s fun!

One of my criteria for a good game is ease of play. The game folds right out into the three piece target and then it’s ready to go. The game play is self explanatory too. I didn’t even pick up the directions before playing. The large red section is worth 1pt, medium white zone = 2pts, and the smallest blue zone = 3pts. Just like shuffleboard, the best part of the game is deciding whether to land the puck right in the zone or to sauce it over and try to bump your opponent out.

I love how it is held together with elastic cords. It keeps the game stable and makes it easy to fold up for transport and storage. You also don’t need much room to play because the boards only have to be about 8 feet apart. The game itself is a little heavy, but the bag it comes with is durable. You can definitely make it from the car to wherever you’re playing without hurting your back.

I was surprisingly pleased with the materials. The pucks are actual hockey puck rubber and they have great slide-ability on the fiber glass boards. I will say the game gets dirty easily, but I like to think it shows character!

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