Pop Darts Review

   POPcorn, POP up breweries, POPsicles, and POPdarts! How are things with the word POP in it always so awesome?!

   Popdarts is the new indoor game that is taking the Yard Game World by storm. These guys have over 300k followers across all social media platforms and its one helluva fun game. The game play is similar to bocce. First you stick the orange marker on a surface. Then players take turns tossing their pop darts at it. The closest to the marker gets three points and every other dart that sticks counts for one point.

   I can go on and on about how much I love this game but I’ll spare you. Here are some of the highlights. Pop darts is super portable. They are light weight and can easily fit in any luggage or backpack to bring to any function. The game is super addicting. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the “Pop” of the dart when it lands and suctions to the surface. Pro tip: it can successfully suction to your friends forehead. Lastly, it can be played almost anywhere. Obviously glass works the best but go wild with your court. Cross room, kitchen fridge, or sliding glass door are all goodies.

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