PIPFALL Game Review

PIPFALL, appropriately named after the dots on dice (pips) is a fun new alternative to playing cornhole. Instead of using regular bags, you use giant pellet filled dice. The best part is, you can just play with the cornhole board that you already own.

   The dice themselves are actually made from the same quality material as a cornhole bag and they fit comfortably in your hand. Sure they roll a little, but its no different than a slider in cornhole. Throwing with arc lands the dye in place, while a lower trajectory toss will allow it to roll and knock off your opponent.   

   PIPFALL has three main game styles, which include Quick Play, Race to 100, and Tournament Play. Each game is a little bit different but they all have fun quirky rules. In Quick Play, you use net scoring, but if the dye goes in the hole, you subtract 3 pts. Some other fun rules in Tournament Play include: land on 50 -> deduct 30 or land on 88 -> swap score with opponent.

   PIPFALL even comes equipped with an app. I love when games do this, it makes keeping score so much easier and you do not have to worry about keeping track of paper directions.

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