Mölkky Game Review 

Notice the “o” with the funky dots above it? Yeah that’s because this game is from across the pond! Finland to be exact. Molkky has quickly grown to become one of my favorite games. This game involves deadly accuracy, strategy, and the ability to do basic arithmetic. That’s right, you have to do some math! So if you’re a parent or school teacher looking to find a good way to teach, Mölkky is your solution. Game play is simple, just alternate throwing a wooden baton at a grouping of pegs with numbers on them. If you knock only one peg down you’re awarded the corresponding numerical value. If you knock more than one down, you are only awarded a point for the number of pegs you knock down (3 down=3 pts). After you knock down the pegs, you set them up again in the formation that they fell in. Every game is different because sometimes the pegs will fly very far upon impact. I love that the game is wood and comes in a wooden box. That classic look gives it so much character. After a few games your battle scars of grass and dents start to show up on the pegs.

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