Low Tide Golf Game Review

   Get ready to channel your inner John Daly because this game was meant for a party at the beach. LTG combines the scoring of cornhole with a quality putting sesh. The game comes with two putters, a couple balls, two flag sticks and two cups. Unlike some other putting games, these putters are the adequate size for an adult. No more back pain for bending over too much.

   Since you’re playing on the beach you need to dig a hole in the sand. Well LTG has you covered. The cups are very innovative in that they have jagged teeth at the bottom. All you have to do is twist them right into the hard packed sand and they submerge themselves right into your new playing surface.

  Gameplay is simple. Draw a half circle around the back of the cup. You get 3 points for making a shot and one for putting it with in the half circle. But let’s face it, you either make the shot or you don’t. I play that you only score when you sink a putt.

  Putting is difficult as is, but reading a break on the sand makes things even harder. So when you sink it in, it’s oh so satisfying. Without a doubt, I recommend that all beach goers and golfers purchase this game. ⛳️🏌🏿‍♂️🏖


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