Lazy Sax Game Review

    Sometimes I just feel lazy. But even when I’m lazy I got the itch to play some games. Well now there’s the perfect solution, @lazysaxs.

   Whether you’re lounging on the beach or posting up on your couch, this game is great for any setting, indoor and out. The thing about this game is that it’s played in a seat and there’s almost no moving around at all. In fact, points are deducted for sacks thrown too far away from the goal. That’s like the best rule ever!

   The premise of the game is to obviously land the sacks on the plate or in the bucket. Three points for making it in and one for landing on the plate. You also get different points for landing it on the rim or edges.

   The reasons I like this game is because it’s very simple, it’s light weight, and there’s virtually no set up. It really is the lazy mans yard game. Just plop down on your thrown of choice, grab a beer and some appetizers, then start tossin. I could see it being great at a tailgate, a campfire, the beach, or definitely while watching sports on TV.   

   It is made of plastic, so my only concern is the game getting smashed by a giant cooler during transport, but otherwise they are good to go. I’m excited to break them in more during football season.

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