LAWNCH Game Review

LAWNch meshes the skill of cornhole with the game play of darts and gives you massive quantities of fun! The board is essentially a simplified version of a dart board and if you know darts, you’re pretty much playing “Cricket.” For those that don’t, in LAWNch you toss 3 sacks per turn until you close out each frame numbered 1-6 (3 or more pts per frame). Then you must finish by tossing a bullseye through the hole to win the game.

Top sections of the hexagon are 1 point and the middle sections are worth 2.

Overall I love the game board design and the materials are great. You can easily attach and detach the legs so that you can store the game too. Pro tip: If you live in a small apartment (like me) and have no storage, you can conveniently store it behind a dresser and no one will notice. This game gets major points because it can be played indoor and out.

The rules and scoring are simple and the board even has a nice scoreboard built in. Personally I would remove the score board to make the game smaller but at least you don’t have to go find paper!

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