Ladder Ball Game Review

Ladder ball, aka Ladder Golf, aka Cowboy Golf, aka Hillbilly Golf, aka Monkey Ball.  No matter what you call it; the game remains a classic. One of the oldest of the tailgating game variety, Ladder Ball has stood the test of time.

I remember first seeing it being played Freshman year at a college football tailgate. As I stood there inhaling Buffalo Chicken Dip and shotgunning a Bud Light, I was mesmerized while watching the bolas (two balls connected by a rope) soar through the air. The way they rotated end over end was like no other game I’d seen before.

In this game, players take turns throwing bolas onto a short ladder. You get points depending on which rung you land on. 3 points for the top, 2 for the middle and 1 for the bottom.

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