Kubb Game Review

Kubb aka Viking Chess is low key one of my favorite games out there. This game dates back to the Middle Ages where Vikings were said to have used femur bones and skulls as game pieces! Luckily the game has involved into wood blocks and batons, but the game play has stayed for the most part pretty intact. I will say that at first, the rules seem a little complicated, but if you watch a YouTube video, you will be just fine (I have conveniently included a photo of the rules at the end). Basically the premise of the game is to be the first to knock over the five blocks on your opponent’s side and then knock over the king in the middle. Strategy comes in to play after you have a block knocked over. If this happens, you throw it on to your opponent’s side and this block now must be hit before advancing to the back row or king.

This game is also great because the pieces pack up very nicely into a bag and it doesn’t take up much room in your garage or house. You could even make a set fairly easily if you are good with woodworking. I am not, so I bought my set and it was very cheep.

Kubb is increasingly becoming popular in the States and can be played by people of all ages. It’s fun in any setting, but it does require a decent amount of space. Be prepared to get some strange looks from on goers though! Most people haven’t heard of it, so if you’re playing in public, be ready to become the most popular person! I actually first learned of this game while walking in a park in Amsterdam. The locals were more than happy to show me how to play.

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