Klask Game Review

   How is it that the Nordic countries develop all the best games? Klask comes from Denmark🇩🇰 and let’s just say it is one of the best table top games ever invented. This game is unlike any other game that I’ve ever seen or played. It is incredibly fun and takes a whole new skill set to master the moving of it’s pieces. With games like this, it’s no wonder Denmark keeps getting rated the happiest nation worldwide!

   Klask has hints of air hockey, tastes of flick soccer, and a dash of magnets. What?!? Magnets?!?! Yeah, magnets. In Klask you move around your pieces holding a magnet under the game board. Points can even be scored if you lose control of the magnetism or get too close to the three small free standing magnets on the board. Here are all the other ways players can score:

  1. Making a shot in opponents goal (obviously)
  2. Accidentally getting two of the magnets stuck to your game piece, gives the opponent a point
  3. Accidentally moving your game piece into your own goal gives opponent a point
  4. If your piece loses its magnetism and falls over that’s a point for the other team

  It definitely takes some practice to figure out how to move around your magnetic piece, but once you master this first step, you’re ready to go.

  The biggest things to watch out for is moving your piece too close to your own goal and too close to the rogue magnets. Personally a solid strategy for me is to knock the stray magnets into your opponents half of the field, hoping they both attach to their piece at some point.

   Now that it’s winter, I will be cracking out all my analog tabletop games. @klaskgame is definitely one of my favorites, which I plan on playing all the way till the snow melts and the forecast says 60 degrees!

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