Hooks Game by Craggy

Skill, patience, and finesse is what it takes to win at the game of Hooks. This game has always had a special place in my heart. Since middle school I used to play it in my friends basement. The only problem being, only one person could play at a time. And let me tell yuh, I am not a patient person. Fast forward to today and all my life’s problems have been answered by a nice company called @craggygames.

Let’s talk highlights: 

Great craftsmanship! Each and every unit is handmade and burned by one of the owners. Its classic yet antiquated looking design fits in with any aesthetic.

Portability! Gone are the days of attaching the game to a wall and only being able to play one person at a time. I’ve brought mine to breweries and everyone wanted to be my friend. It’s super light weight but it’s made from sturdy hard wood. 

Thrilling! This game is challenging and entertaining. Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing like hearing the ring clank right on the hook. There are so many fun variations of the game to play too. Race to ten, first to hit the hook, opposite hand, and as pictured the ever famous shot race!

All in all, @craggygames version of hooks is a winner! Yard Games Girl and I even settle our chores by playing a few rounds. It goes a little like this: “First to ten hooks doesn’t have to fold the laundry” “Deal!” .....I end up losing :(

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