Giant Pong Basketball Review

Time to get buckets! Don’t let the videos fool you, making a shot in Giant Pong Basketball tougher than it looks! But after a few throws you should be all set. Requiring barely any time to set up, the game comes locked, loaded, and ready to go with a pumped up already inside. Not to mention, the instructions are right on the lid. You get 2pts if you make it in and 1pt for a rebound. The set even comes with a Velcro strap to make it easy to carry and transport. GPB is fun for the whole family and can be played on any surface. It is recommended to fill the buckets with water to ensure the ball stays in after you make the shot. Beware of a miss though, that ball can bounce all over the place. This is especially important during tournament play. That’s right, I said tournament play! The creators of the game even set up a bracket for people to compete in and win the coveted GPB. I highly recommend purchasing a set and practicing your “Kobe” fade-away!

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