Flingball Game Review

I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to debut this bad boy of a game. I can honestly say that Flingball is one of the most creative, innovative, exciting, original, entertaining games out there! In fact, the game isn’t even out there yet. It is still in the prototype phase, but luckily I got an exclusive VIP set to try out. The owner is very meticulous with all his decision making and that is why it will be one of the greats. Flingball is the birth child between a foxtail toss toy, cornhole, and an aerobics studio all in one. The idea of the game is to fling the bean bag by the tail and land it in or on the target. The target consists of a mini trampoline and a chimney with a net, but as seen in the video, each area has different points associated with it. The trampoline is the best part because it adds exciting and possibly game altering bounces to the mix. This game couldn’t be more fun and it is sure to draw a crowd. I could barely get any throws off with the amount of people asking to try! Flingball is an instant favorite of mine and I cannot wait until it hits the market!

Pro tip: Flinging the ball with a higher arc makes it easier to land on the trampoline or into one of the holes/net. Otherwise it could slide right off.

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