Fling Golf Review

    It’s a golf club, it’s a lacrosse stick, NO! It’s Fling Golf. This new sport is traveling faster than a speeding bullet, sweeping the nation, and making its mark on golf courses everywhere.

   I first heard of this crazy cool contraption on ABCs @sharktank and knew I had to have it. But what is it really?     

   The Fling Stick utilizes the same technology as a golf club but has one very different modification on the end, a lacrosse-like plastic cradle. This is where you load up your golf balls for launch!

   If you know the rules of golf then you know the rules of Fling Golf. The only major difference is that you are allowed to have a running start. On drives you must release before you cross the tee line and fairway shouts you are allowed 5 steps away from the hole before taking your running start. Putting is the same, just turn the club chamber side down and hit with the striker pad.

    Not having played much lacrosse growing up, I found it very challenging at first. However, once you figure out the point of release, the ball can really launch! There are many different throws that will help you with your game. The Overhand, Low to High, Sidearm, and the Flop Shot are just a few of the techniques that will set a newbie apart from the pack.

   Now you may be asking, do golf courses mind if you play Fling Golf on the course? The answer is no, not at all. If anything they are better for the course than an actual club, because you won’t make a divot. In fact, the grounds crew all thought it was very cool and they took a few try’s themselves.

   The stick takes up no more room than a driver and you can just pack it along with your other clubs when you’re golfing. Although I can see your bag eventually switching over to just Fling Sticks one day.  This game has the potential to catch on and become as popular as frisbee golf some day.


Fling golf on the tee box in North Carolina golf course

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