Fish Bowl Game Review

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Play fishbowl and you’ll have a happy soul. I never really understood Dr. Seuss, but I do understand the appeal of Fish Bowl.

   Fish Bowl hails from Southern Cali and just like the SOCAL lifestyle, this game embodies super chill vibez. The creator of Fish Bowl is a mastermind engineer and this is evident in his work. The game screams precision. Just like the toss you’ll need to land it in the center!

   Let’s start with the parts. The bottom half opens just like a fold up chair. The top half folds like a taco and opens up to a full circle. Both pieces snap easily together with four snap spring clips. Since the pieces fold and collapse so easily, they fit snugly into the carrying case. Oh and it’s light weight.

   GAME PLAY:  Fish Bowl offers six different game modes to play. My personal  favorite is “Rage Bowl.” It is literally the yard game version of Rage Cage or Speed Quarters. Otherwise, if you’re just playing casually, it’s 1 point to land the bag on the surface and 3 points to land it in the hole. Be careful though, the nylon surface is pulled taught and your bag may bounce or slide right off the top.

  I am a big fan of the circular designs because it takes up way less space than cornhole. You can also play in any direction that you would like. I also think this design is pretty innovative because it can be used as a nice table at a tailgate or family cookout.

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