D-Darts Game Review

Bar games meet lawn games in one of the grandest game combos ever. When I first heard of D-darts I just said, “Woah!” I had no idea outdoor dart games were still made available after lawn darts (Jarts) got banned. But golly-gee-willikers was I ever wrong. Little did I know, this gem was out there and ready to be played. D-darts is one of the most fun tailgating games to play. The board is perfectly manufactured with a very symmetric design. Set up is easy, slide the three pieces of wood together and place four beers in the holes. The top and bottom rectangles are both worth 1 point, the middle is worth 2 points, and hitting a can is worth 3. To be honest, you can just screw the points. Hitting the can is by far the best part of the game. The impact on the carbonated can sends a spray of beer right out like a firework after a home run. Don’t worry, you won’t lose a large amount of beer; no one will call a party foul.


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