Chippo Game Review

Chip, Chip, Hooray! Finally a lawn game that will help me master my short game! @chippo is perfect for golfers and backyard athletes alike. It combines the principles of cornhole and the action of chip shots in golf. Scratch golfer, here I come!

   Chippo really thought this out well when developing their masterpiece. It includes two boards, two chipping mats, and some high density foam balls. These balls are a little lighter than real golf balls, but they are the same size and take the same flight pattern. You will want these because you don’t want a stray shattering a window, trust me I’ve been there, not fun. Plus you can technically play inside if you have enough area. Clubs aren’t included, but if you’re practicing golf with a junkie 56° wedge, you won’t need to worry about hitting the course any time soon.   

   The game is definitely large and a little heavy, but if it was any smaller, it would be impossible to land your shots in the green area and roll them up into the holes.

   If you’re not already a golfer there is definitely a learning curve. But that’s the beauty of Chippo! It’s a fun game that is also practical. You’ll be out there earning a green jacket in no time!

   Just remember: keep your head down, swing like a pendulum, get under the ball, and follow through!

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