Bulzi Bucket Game Review

Bulzi Bucket really hit the target with this game! Ball toss anytime, anywhere, and with any limb! Their team knew what they were doing when it came to revolutionizing what USED TO be such a simple game.

Let’s talk about game play first. There are several different ways to play the game.

  1. Toss it in
  2. Hack it in
  3. Assisted hack in

My personal favorite is the assisted. This is the official tournament mode and involves throwing and hacking. Basically, your partner is allowed to assist you by hacking overthrown bags into the buckets.  Hack-it-in game play seems like a lot of fun too, but I just don’t have the foot skills. During this mode you must receive a toss from your partner, then hack it twice before getting it in. Don’t count the regular toss version out though, it’s much harder than it looks to hit the top bucket! There’s even a twist with the bags, the one with the black dot is worth double points.

As for design/portability, Bulzi gets 11/10. The buckets easily come a part and stack right into each other. It even comes with a bag equipped with an elastic opening, draw string, and back pack strips. Easily one of the best bags provided with any game.

This game is great for any age and any location. You can even play in the pool, because the bucket tower floats and the bags are water proof.

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