Brubag Game Review

This game is the complete package! Its as if Beer Pong and Cornhole had a child and that child became the most popular kid in school. By looking at the game I’m sure you can figure out how to play. But if you need some help, all you have to do is toss the bean bags into the holes. Once you make a shot, cover up that hole with a wooden disk. Tah-dah you’re a master! Brubag is super portable and the legs detach so you can store the game flat, almost anywhere. Feeling creative? Your set can be customized to pretty much anything you want. You can even play regular Cornhole on it by covering up all the holes besides the top center hole. The team at Brubag is charitable too. Overall, this is one of my favorite games. Drinking game meets yard game and makes for a fun time no matter where you are!

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