Bottle Bash Review

🚨Bottle Bash Review🚨

Finally, gone are the days of broken glass bottles and using pvc pipe or a ski pole to set up the game. Bottle Bash commonly referred to as Polish Horseshoes or Beersbee is constructed masterfully and is super easy to set up or disassemble. Be it snow, sand, grass, or pavement the game can be played on any terrain. It is a game of accuracy, hand eye coordination, and quick reflexes. One must be able to throw a frisbee accurately as well as react instantly to catch a ricocheting frisbee or bottle. The rules are very simple and the scoring system is even printed on the bottle to read. A word to the wise, choose your partner carefully, because communication is crucial. The best part of the game is the ability to enjoy a nice frosty beverage while playing. Growing up, this game was always my favorite. This remains true today, except now it’s even better!

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