Block Head Game Review

Blockhead is up for the game of the year award! I can honestly say this is one of the most fun games I’ve played. Period!

   Blockhead is the mix of a frat favorite beer die and a yard game classic cornhole. The object of the game is to shoot the high density foam blocks into the holes on the board or for the block to bounce off the board and hit the ground. The only caveat is that the defense can score points too. If a shot bounces off the board, one partner can tap the block to their other teammate and score a point. Check out the highlight reel I made, we even got tricky with some kick shots!

   Whether you’re playing a casual game with a drink in hand or gettin crazy and diving all over the ground, you’re in for hours of fun with this game! The block takes crazy bounces which adds to the excitement.

   Blockhead is perfectly constructed and the boards have built in handles, block holders, and clips to hold the sets together. The only downside is the weight. Don’t plan on carrying the game for long distances. Anything over 100 yards can get tiring.

   Blockhead is yet another product of the Northeast, which has quickly become the epicenter for backyard fun!

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