Binho Board Game Review

   This game is an ABSOLUTE classic. As far as tabletop games go, Binho might be the GOAT. Play the game and you’ll see, but if you don’t believe me, the proof can be found by entering any city’s name + Binho on IG and boom there’s an account. It’s that popular. Just look at everyone tagged.

   What makes the game so great is the simplicity. Opponent 1: flick…..Opponent 2: flick. That’s it. Just hit the marble and score a goal. At first you may think it’s impossible. But find those angles, zero in on the straight shots, and figure out how to bank the marble and you will see the skill involved.

  @binhoboard can customize almost anything you want into the pitch. I have the slick black one, but I’ve seen green grass, striped, collegiate, and pro sports teams. They are constantly improving the board too. The early days had string nets, but now they are plastic. The defender pegs screw in  and there’s an elastic border to provide space to flick when the ball is near the edge. The only thing I would wish for is a depression in the goal to help with judging a score. Sometimes the ball goes in an out so fast you can’t see.

   This game is a 9/10. Super fun. Portable. Challenging. Addictive.

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