Backyard Golf Game Review

🚨@Thebackyardgolfgame Review🚨

   This game has a big nostalgia factor for me. When I was younger, my dad and I used to map out courses in the yard and chip whiffle golf balls at obscure targets. However, our targets or holes were mainly telephone poles, bushes, or lampposts. If only I had @Thebackyardgolfgame around back then to play with. This new and improved game would have made our competitions so much more fun.

   @Thebackyardgolfgame consists of three large snap together rings, a chipping mat, and several colored whiffle golf balls. The rings consist of a soft foam-like shell with an inner plastic skeleton that snaps into each other to form the circle. They are very easy to snap together and take apart. Each ring is different in size. Basically, if you make it in the smallest ring you get more points than if you make it in a larger ring.

   This game allows for plenty of creativity when setting up. You can set it up in any formation or play it whatever way that best suits you. I personally like the target style, where you set each ring inside one another and shoot for the most center ring. But you can also put them at different distances, put them in snowman formation, or do whatever else you please.

    Backyard Golf Game is great for amateur golfers and pros alike. They create the perfect visual needed to focus in on a shot. I’ve seen it being played at golf tournaments as a side game on a par 3 and let me tell yuh, nothing gets your gambling juices flowing more than this game.

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