Our Mission

Mission Part 1: Teach New Cultures through Games

My main mission is to spread knowledge of different cultures from all over the globe. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled the world and one thing every culture has in common, is the love and pride for their traditions. These games are a big part of these traditions and help provide a sense of identity for the communities they were developed in. Just like the different foods around the world, these games are all very unique and deserve to be explored and played by everyone. My mission is simple, open up peoples eyes and teach them some fun new games.


Mission Part 2: Enjoy the Outdoors

Ever since I was little, I loved being outside. I played every sport known to man, rode bikes, built tree houses, went to the skate park; If it was outside, I did it! By promoting yard games, I am really promoting people getting up off the couch to play outside! No, we aren’t haters of video games, we just think that there is so much life and activity waiting to happen outside. Games that can be played in the backyard, park, beach, you name it, we are here to spread the word and provide the fun! I want people to enjoy the beauty of the world while getting a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, everyone can use a nice dose of competition. 


Mission Part 3: Help the Little Guy Out

Most of the games you see on this website or on my social media are all created by hard working entrepreneurs. Their small businesses are usually just a one person show. Yard Games World strives to promote all the best and new games. We want to showcase these lesser known games so that everyone can join in on the fun! 


Pictured above: Myself and a friend at a brewery playing Polish Frisbee in our Halloween Costumes