My Story

My yard game roots started in Chicago while playing corn hole (bags) in the backyards and driveways of my friends houses during graduation parties and BBQ's. As I got older my eyes were opened to newer and better games. College is where I really started to hone in on my skills and develop a true passion for yard games. Games like KanJam and Polish Frisbee took center stage. Then finally in 2015, while backpacking through Europe, I discovered what I thought was an unusual game called Kubb. This game would inevitably send me on my journey to learn about, promote, and play all the best yard games from around the world!


My friends and I at Vondelpark Amsterdam, Netherlands right before I discovered Kubb.
Pictured above: My friends and I in Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is right before I discovered the game of Kubb, which eventually inspired me to write my book.