Picture of the bottle bash box and all the items that come with the game. including poles, bottles, stakes, frisbee, and bag.
guy tossing a frisbee with beer in hand
a man playing bottle bash in a lake
a young boy playing bottle bash at the beach
picture of bottle bash being played in a lake with a big crowd
a man and woman playing bottle bash dressed in lederhosen
two girls playing bottle bash on the beach
a man playing bottle bash at night with the bottle glowing
a man getting ready to catch a frisbee ricocheting off pole at beach
Bottle Bash | Yard Game | Tailgate Game - yardgamesworld.com

Bottle Bash | Backyard Game | Tailgate Game

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Better known as Polish Horseshoes or Beersbee, this all star tailgating game involves players trying to hit a bottle off a pole with a frisbee. The only other rule is have fun! Yard Games World!