Shutball Review

🚨@shutball Review 🚨

   Shut yur mouth when I’m reviewing to you! That’s right, listen closely about this very new and exclusive game. I was lucky enough to get to trial Shutball while at the yard games world championships. 

   This brand new game is a rapid fire type of game. The goal is for you and your partner to sink all your shots and clear your sides before your opponent. When you make a shot you close the square. Very easy and very fun. 

Pros: super cool concept that involves a lot of skill and quick shooting ability. It encourages great teamwork. Really gets your competitive juices flowing

Cons: It is definitely on the larger side so right now the game is only offered in upstate New York. I hope it can either be scaled down or find a way to get distribution throughout the country. 

  This game would be a great addition to any PE class. I could also see this being a great game at a farmers market. Definitely something that would stir up some interest and get people to wander over.