Essential Yard Games for a Wedding

With all the wedding cancelations that occurred in 2020, these next couple years are sure to be full of extra celebrations. And if I had to bet, due to social gathering restrictions, most of them will be outside. Fortunately, I got you covered with the best yard games to keep your party kickin'! 

Assuming the weather is nice, outdoor weddings are my favorite. Fresh air, friends, family, drinks, and most importantly games! However, picking the right games are crucial to making the party fun for everyone.

There are four major criteria that should be followed when picking out the games to use at a wedding. The following 

1. Fun - This goes without saying, but clearly the game should be fun or why even have it?

2. Easy to Play - No one wants to sit around reading the directions of a game. All games should be intuitive. Directions on how to score could be a nice touch to leave out next to the games though.

3. Easy to Set Up - The games should all be set up prior to guests arriving. In the event the game requires set up after each game play, make sure there is not much involved. The more difficult or involved the set up is, the more people will lose interest and the games will flop. This also increases the likelihood that someone breaks or damages the game.

4. Not Much Movement Involved -  This is probably the most important of the criteria. Guests will be wearing nice dresses and suits and the last thing they will want is to be sweating. The less involved the game the better. As far as kids go, I'm sure they won't mind running around, but their parents won't be too happy after they dive and rip open their outfits. Stay away from games that involve running or moving a lot.

Must have games at a wedding:

1. Giant Jenga

2. Giant Dice

3. Giant Connect 4

4. Cornhole

5. Brubag

6. Bulzi Bucket

7. Bottle Bash

8. OnTop Ball Toss

9. Ladder Ball

10. Washers


Games to avoid at a wedding:

1. Spikeball - Too much moving around

2. Molkky - Requires a lot of setting up and most people won't know how to play

3. Horseshoes - It's dangerous throwing around metal objects

4. Badminton - Too much moving around and takes up a lot of space

5. Any games that don't meet my criteria