Best Games for Camping

🏕The Best Yard Games for a Campout🏕

   Ahhh the great outdoors! Fresh air, trees, lakes, mountains, beaches, and good ol’ Mother Nature. Camping is one of Americas great pastimes. It’s a time to escape, a time to rest, and a time to just get outdoors for some peace and harmony. But let’s be honest sometimes it can get a little boring and the Nerf ball and deck of cards just won’t cut it. Well you came to the right place because this is your guide for the best games to bring on a camping trip.

   So I guess it kind of depends what kind of camping you’re doing. For the purpose of this article we will be referring to a semi-glamping trip. The kind of trip where you drive to your campsite and can store things in your car for easy access. As much as I love a good backpacking campout, that style is a little too aggressive for yard game activity.

   Anyways even with the car, your space is crucial.   Between all the gear, the tent, the food, your clothes, and first aid there just isn’t much room for games. When deciding what games to bring on your camping outing, there are a few major boxes you will want to check.

   Portability: For starters and for obvious reasons, the games should be portable and lightweight. You’re already carrying and moving a lot of gear around, you won’t want to bring anything too big and bulky. You also probably won’t have too much room in your car.

   Campsite space: Your lawn games should not require a lot of space to be played. Most campsites aren’t very large so you will have minimal space to set up. Games that can be played in short proximity will come in clutch.

   Durability: Finally, you will most likely want a durable game. Durability is key, because travel can really take its toll on a game. The unpacking and repacking and sometimes rough areas can get your games banged up. You will probably bring the same games every time you go out to the wilderness, so make sure they can handle the blows.

Game Suggestions:

  1. Beer Darts: This pocket sized game is an excellent choice. It doesn’t take up any room and pairs perfectly with another camping pastime: drinking beers! This game is meant to be played from close range. Just grab a tree seat and let the darts fly!
  2. Bulzi Bucket: This game hits all the major requirements. It’s durable, doesn’t require a lot of space, and breaks down into a backpack for easy transport. The best part is that it floats.  So if your campsite is by a lake, you better believe you will be out there playing all day. 
  3. Waddies/Washers: Both games are excellent choices for games because they don’t take up much room and are a ton of fun. In Waddies you throw rubber discs and in washers you throw washers! Both these games involve tossing the aforementioned objects into small wooden boxes. Sometimes the simplest games are the best. 
  4. Hammerschlagen: Probably the most naturey of the games, because well it comes from nature. All you need is a tree stump, a mallet/hammer, and a nail. The stump you find in the forest so all you really need is something to hit the nail with. And you might already have that tucked away with your gear. For a detailed history of this classic be sure to check out “The World’s Greatest Backyard Games!”

Happy camping!!!