The Best Beach Games to Play for Summer 2021

When going to the beach what does one typically bring? Maybe you grab your SPF, a towel, a chair, a cooler with some food/drink, sunglasses/hat, or even a beach chair. But what about for entertainment? What beach game are you bringing? And if you're lugging around all that other stuff, you probably won't have too many free hands, so you better pick the right one! With the official start of Summer coming up on Sunday, June 20th we at Yard Games World want to make sure you are prepared! This blog will touch on the best beach games to play this summer. 

Now the beach can be a wonderful place to play lawn games or it can be a place that causes a lot of pandemonium. That being said their are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the games to bring to the beach.

For starters, how far do you have to walk to get to the beach? Most people don't have wagons, so make sure the game is light enough to carry


How much room does it take up? Town leaving most groups with only a 10x10 plot to set up shop.

Consider the wind! If your beach is on a lake, river, or an ocean, you may have three different experiences in regards to wind at the beach. I live right off the Atlantic Ocean, so playing a game that utilizes a frisbee is almost always hard to pull off, due to the wild and whipping wind of the North East.

And last but not least, is your backyard game beach appropriate? Sand can really put a wrench in your plans. Seeing as it moves around and is a soft surface (usually), some of your lawn games will not be able to be played or they will have to be adjusted.

                                                       Now on to the list!

  1. Spikeball – This is an obvious choice for many reasons. It is super light weight, its portable, and comes with a very comfortable backpack to transport the game in. Spikeball is gretfor the beach because the sand provides a great cushion to your body when diving for the ball. You also move around a lot in this game, so it’s a major plus to be able to jump right in the water after a game.
  2. Turtleball – Appropriately named and designed for the beach, this is a true beach game. It is meant to be played right in the sand.
  3. Kubb - This game is quickly taking the world by storm. It is super fun and can include as many as 6 people per side. The sand is a great setting because the wooden pieces won’t get dinged up as much when they are tossed. They also won’t get grass stained. 
  4. Ramp Shot - This game is loads of fun. There is a lot of running around and if you get serious you will be diving all over. Sand is very nice and cushiony for that. 
  5. Bottle Bash - Jamming the stake into the ground can be challenging sometimes, but that nice hard packed sand is ideal for setting up this game. 

So whatever beach game you decide to play, just remember, “Lifes a beach, dig it!”